Resolutions are the cornerstone of IACP’s policy development. Resolutions direct the efforts of the IACP and serve as the guiding statement in accomplishing the work of the association.

Thank you to all IACP members who voted for 2019 resolutions! All proposed resolutions were passed and can be reviewed here.

The IACP accepts resolutions on a rolling basis throughout the year for consideration at the next IACP annual conference. Any resolutions submitted at this time will be considered for the 2020 resolutions cycle.

Fast facts about Resolutions:

  • Resolutions help direct the efforts of the IACP, serving as guiding statements for association work.
  • Resolutions can be submitted by IACP committees, sections, divisions, individual members, or Board of the Directors.
  • Resolutions represent the values and interests of the IACP membership.
  • In order for a Resolution to go into effect, it must be voted upon by the members of the IACP, which takes place after annual conference.
  • Resolutions are valid for 5 years from the date of enactment.

For more information on how the Resolutions process works, including how to craft a resolution, click here. For any questions, please email

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