IACP Impaired Driving and Traffic Safety Conference (IDTS)

IACP Impaired Driving and Traffic Safety Conference (IDTS)

August 1 — Dates TBD


Join traffic safety professionals from around the world to share knowledge about effective and proven approaches for improving road safety, the latest science on alcohol and drug impaired driving enforcement, how technology can be leveraged to make communities safer, and how agencies can use traffic safety education to engage and build trust with their communities. The IACP Impaired Driving and Traffic Safety Conference (IDTS) is the largest training conference for drug recognition experts and traffic safety professionals. Conference attendees include DREs, law enforcement officers (State Police, Highway Patrol, County, Municipal, Governmental, Sheriffs and other agencies), crash investigators, supervisors/administrators, prosecutors, toxicologists, laboratory personnel, traffic safety professionals, among others. 

Some samples of the educational content include:

  • Traffic Safety in a Contemporary Political Environment
  • Total Quality Management for DUI Enforcement
  • Preparing Law Enforcement for Automated Vehicle Technologies
  • Advanced DRE Practices to Improve Your Investigations
  • Enhancing the Three Legged Stool: Corroboration between DREs, Prosecutors and Toxicologists
  • Recent NTSB Highway Crash Investigations and the Role of Law Enforcement in the Safe Systems Approach
  • Drunk, Drugged, Drowsy and Distracted: Incident Responders in the Crosshairs of Dangerous Drivers
  • Traffic Safety Through Data, Engineering, Education and Enforcement

We look forward to announcing the location, dates and additional information for the 2023 IDTS Conference in the near future.  Please check back periodically for updates.


2023 Conference Information

We look forward to announcing the location, dates and additional information for the 2023 Impaired Driving and Traffic Safety Conference in the near future. Please check back periodically as we will post updated information to this site as it becomes available.

The IDTS Conference team can be reached at IDTS@theiacp.org


A call for proposals will be posted near the end of the year. The conference agenda will be posted once the 2023 conference educational content is solidified.

Click below for more information about conference agendas and educational content from prior conferences:

2022 San Antonio TX

2021 Orlando FL

2020 Virtual


Who Should Attend

Attendance is open to IACP DRE Section members and qualified non-members, who support traffic safety efforts, including: 1) currently certified Drug Recognition Expert, 2) sworn law enforcement officers, 3) agencies which receive funding for the DEC program, 4) civilian employees of public safety agencies*, 5) first responders, 6) prosecutors, 7) traffic safety advocates of non-profit organizations, 8) physicians providing expertise in support of the prosecution of impaired drivers, and 9) toxicologists providing expertise in the prosecution  of impaired drivers. Other individuals who maintain a direct professional, supportive interest in the Drug Evaluation and Classification program, including DRE Emeritus or DRE Ambassadors, may submit a request to attend. 

* Public Safety includes offices of police, sheriffs, EMS, fire service, hazmat and park rangers from federal, state, city, county, campus, and tribal agencies, and members of the armed forces. 

2022 Conference Attendance Certificates

All attendees of the 2022 IDTS conference were sent an email that included a conference survey and information to obtain your conference attendance certificate.  Please complete the survey and related information to obtain your certificate.  The certificates are manually generated and will be sent to the email supplied.  Please allow 5-7 days due to the volume of certificates being generated.

For additional information please email our staff at idts@theiacp.org 

Dates TBD

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