Professional Services

Professional Services

IACP has a knowledgeable core staff and distinguished subject matter experts ready to provide custom technical assistance for your agency.

Executive Search

The IACP offers comprehensive police executive search services. 

Our experienced team recognizes the significance of selecting the new executive leadership of a police department and works in partnership with the jurisdiction through all stages of the planning, selection, and transition process. 

Key elements of the IACP police executive search process include:

  • Comprehensive candidate profiling and job analysis
  • Extensive recruitment advertising 
  • Applicant screening, evaluation, and selection  

Hiring agencies may engage the IACP for all or a portion of these executive search elements.

To obtain more information about these services please visit IACP's Executive Search page, email or call 703.836.6767.

Testing & Assessment Centers


A powerful tool for making promotional decisions, an assessment center uses a series of simulated on-the-job challenges to gauge a candidate’s ability to perform the target job. Individual and group job simulations offer in-depth information and insight on an individual’s strengths, weaknesses, and overall performance potential. The performance of candidates is evaluated by trained assessors, providing information unattainable from written tests, interviews or any other source. Assessment Centers can be utilized for all promotional processes, from first-line supervisor to Chief of Police.


The IACP recognizes the importance of selecting and advancing the right candidates into leadership positions, understanding that each agency has its own set of challenges and circumstances. For decades the IACP has been a leader in assisting agencies with their promotional needs by offering custom promotional examinations and semi-stock options.

The IACP offers two options for written multiple-choice promotional testing:

  • Applying the IACP Promotional Examination System (PES)
  • Developing custom-designed examinations.

To obtain more information about these services please visit IACP's Testing and Assessment Center page, email or call 703.836.6767.

Management Studies

IACP is available to conduct comprehensive surveys of the management and operations of police agencies. The surveys aim to determine the degree to which a department is properly accountable, is operating cost-effectively, complies with professional police standards, and satisfies the crime control and service requirements of the citizens it serves.

IACP's management studies produce an extensive set of practical, prioritized recommendations to upgrade the effectiveness, productivity and professionalism of municipal police services. The recommendations enable the department to cope successfully in the future with emerging conditions or trends, placing special emphasis on actions to ensure that the department is accountable to elected officials and the public.

To obtain more information about these services please visit IACP's Management Study page, email or call 703.836.6767.

Technical Assistance

IACP's Professional Services team can work with your agency to create a customized process to address your specific needs. We have produced the following custom solutions:

  • Entry Level and Promotional Interviews
  • Assessment Center Training
  • Assessor Training
  • Chief Assessment Center
  • Job Analyisis
  • Training Academy Study
  • Hiring and Recruitment Study
  • Patrol and Investigations Staffing Analysis
  • Beat Re-Design and Implementation

To dicuss your specific needs please contact us via email or call 703.836.6767.

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