IACP Technology Conference

IACP Technology Conference


The 2023 IACP Technology Conference will be held at the Salt Palace Convention Center on May 22-24 in Salt Lake City, Utah. As the premier professional event dedicated to discussing technology in law enforcement, attendees should expect quality presentations, professional development, and networking covering a broad array of new and emerging technologies on:

  • Digital Asset Management
  • Technology Strategy
  • Cybersecurity and Cybercrime
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Autonomous Vehicles/UAS
  • Mobile Policing
  • Digital Forensics
  • Information Sharing & More

Call for proposals is NOW OPEN!

Submit your proposal todayThe deadline for submitting proposals is 11:59 PM PST December 11, 2022

The 2022 IACP Technology Conference featured 55 educational sessions, 94 exhibitors, and over 900 attendees. Don't miss next year's conference, sign up for updates to receive the latest news and announcements about Salt Lake City.

December 11 Call for Proposals Closes
January 2023 Exhibit Booth Sales Open


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Call for Proposals

IACP conducts a Call for Proposals each year for its Technology Conference educational program. All completed submissions will be peer-reviewed and the 2023 educational program will be announced in January/February 2023.

Below are a series of frequently asked questions regarding the Call for Proposals process, review process, and speaking at IACPTech 2023.

Call for Proposals

Q: When does the Call for Proposals open for IACPTech 2023?
A: The Call for Proposals opened November 3, 2022. Submit a proposal today.

Q: What is the deadline to complete a submission?
A: The submission portal will close Sunday, December 11, 2022 at 11:59 PM PST.

Q: What topics does IACPTech 2023 consider?
A: The IACP is looking for a wide array of technology topics that are innovative, engaging, inspiring, and informative for law enforcement practitioners from around the world. The IACP’s goal is to offer relevant, timely education and training to help attendees do their jobs more effectively and make their agencies more successful. IACPTech attendees are interested in hearing after-action reports and best practices from agencies. The theme of this year’s conference is “Innovation, Trust, and Community Connections,” consider topics or perspectives that highlight the importance of building trust, legitimacy, and innovative use of technology to fight crime or improve services. First-hand perspectives provide insight. Proposals should address contemporary or emerging technology issues confronting the law enforcement profession and the leaders of law enforcement agencies worldwide.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Community Engagement
  • Cybersecurity & Cybercrime
  • Data Storage & Management
  • Digital Evidence & Forensics
  • Officer Safety and Wellness Technology
  • Organizational Accountability
  • Recruiting & Retention
  • Training & Development
  • Remotely-Piloted Aircraft Systems
  • Video Analytics & Integration

Q: Can I promote any products or services during my presentation?
A: No, IACP does not allow the promotion of products and services during educational sessions. Our attendees expect high quality educational sessions that are not sales pitches. Submitter's are encouraged to include active law enforcement presenters in their proposals. Commercial based workshop submissions with no law enforcement representation will not be selected. Speakers can mention products and services that have been used to solve a problem or address the presentation topic, but it should not be the focus of the presentation, and whenever possible presenters should suggest alternative products and services as well.

Q: What information is required?
A: The following information is required in order to submit a presentation proposal and to be considered for IACPTech 2023:

  • Title of Presentation (100 characters)
  • Presentation Description (600 characters)
  • Methodology (300 characters)
  • Technology & Trust (300 characters)
  • x3 Learning Objectives (100 characters each)
  • Track/Topic
  • Speaker/Co-Speaker Information (Maximum 4 Presenters; Name, Agency/Organization, Title, Email)

Q: What should be in the Presentation Description?
A: Provide a bottom line up front description that encapsulates exactly what the presentation is about and what participants should expect to take away. This brief description is critical to catching the peer reviewers attention and will also serve as the conference program description.

Q: What should I write for the Methodology?
A: Methodology refers to how you will present the information (e.g., Power Point slides will be used to cover key points and create class discussion; video examples used to provide an understanding of the learning objectives; exercises to increase learning points in the presentation). Use this area to also explain how your information was formulated and your sources (e.g., case studies, interviews, research, personal experience).

Q: What is the Innovation, Trust, and Community Connections Section?
A: The theme of this year’s conference is “Innovation, Trust, and Community Connections,” recognizing the importance of trust, legitimacy, and innovative use of technology to fight crime or improve services. As part of your proposal, describe how your presentation will incorporate these elements. For example, consider how to obtain buy-in from the community, what privacy or policy considerations an agency must consider before adopting technology, results from a innovative use of technology, or other trust-building elements you deem relevant to your presentation.

Q: How should I explain my Learning Objectives?
A: Well-developed learning outcomes are participant-oriented, observable, and measurable. Describe the skills, knowledge, and/or learning outcomes participants will be able to demonstrate as a result of this activity. (For example: Upon completion, participants will be able to…) You should describe your learning outcomes using action verbs.

Q: What educational tracks can I submit a proposal under?
A: The IACPTech 2023 Educational Program has three tracks.

  • Executive
  • Operational/Analysis
  • Technical

Q: Can I submit my presentation to more than one track?
A: Presentations should only be submitted once. You can only choose one track and it should be the one that best categorizes your presentation. This is purely for organizational purposes, and does not factor into selection of the proposal.

Q: Can I choose more than one topic?
A: You can select up to three topics that best describe your presentation.

Q: If I submit multiple proposals, will it increase my chances of selection?
A: No, a well-constructed proposal on a contemporary law enforcement issue has a higher chance of selection over any quantity of lesser quality proposals.

Q: What happens if I do not have all the required information to complete my proposal?
A: You will have the ability to change, edit, or withdraw your presentation proposal up until the deadline. If you are missing a required piece of information, you can save your work and log back in at a later time to enter the information prior to the submission deadline. Please note: all proposals must be submitted in order to be considered. Any proposals left “Incomplete” will not be considered for IACPTech 2023.

Q: How can I be sure the information I type will not be lost?
A: All information should be created and saved as a word processing document (such as Microsoft Word) prior to beginning the online submission process. Information can then be pasted into the appropriate fields on the web. Click the ‘Save’ button at the bottom of each step to ensure the information is not lost.

Q: Do I have to submit my presentation proposal online?
A: Online submission of proposals is required.

Q: Do I have to provide an email address to submit online?
A: Yes, confirmation and notification will be done via email. Please use an email address you check regularly.

Q: How will I know if my proposal was submitted successfully?
A: Once you have finalized your submission, an email confirmation from 'techconference@theiacp.org' will be sent to you confirming receipt of the presentation proposal. Before you submit your proposal, please make sure all steps have been completed.

Review Process

Q: What is the review criteria for presentations?
A: All presentations are peer-reviewed by LEIT Section Leadership, subject matter experts, and IACP staff members. Reviewers will consider the following:

  • Does the topic address a contemporary law enforcement technology issue?
  • Can the presented information apply to different-sized agencies and a diverse audience?
  • Is the topic unique and information not available through other sources?
  • Is the course description clear and concise? Can attendees easily tell what to expect to learn by reading it?
  • Are the learning objectives clear and can be met in the allotted time?
  • Does the presentation support IACP’s high standards and reputation for the best conference workshops?
  • Are the proposed speakers qualified to instruct the workshop topic?
  • If the presentation is focused on a specific audience, is there a proposed speaker from that audience? For example, is a computer forensics practitioner speaking in a Computer Forensics workshop or a law enforcement executive speaking at an executive level session? The audience wants to learn from its peers and gain first-hand knowledge from those who have experienced the material or information presented.

Q: How is the review process conducted?
A: Reviewers evaluate the submissions based upon quality and criteria noted above. Top recommendations will then be evaluated by IACP staff to ensure the entire educational program is well-balanced. The educational program will be announced in January/February 2023. All submitters of presentation proposals will be notified via email whether their presentation has been accepted or declined in January/February 2023.

Speaking at IACPTech 2023

Q: When do presentations take place?
A: Educational programming is conducted each day, Monday – Wednesday (May 22-24) of IACPTech 2023. Workshops begin as early as 8:00 a.m. and run throughout the day, ending as late as 5:00 p.m.

Submission of a proposal is a commitment that the speakers will be available to speak on any conference day and time as assigned by IACP staff. The IACP has limited options to accommodate speaker conflicts.

Q: If accepted, how much time will I be given to present?
A: Most workshops are 60 minutes in length.

Q: When will I know if my presentation has been accepted for IACPTech 2023?
A: The submitter will receive notification from the Technology Conference Team in January/February 2023.

Q: If my proposal is accepted, will I receive any compensation for presenting at IACPTech 2023?
 No, IACP does not pay speakers or reimburse for travel or hotel expenses.

Q: If my proposal is accepted, will I receive complimentary registration for IACPTech 2023?
A: Speakers will have the option of receiving a one-day complimentary registration for the day of their presentation or they can purchase a full conference registration at a discounted rate of $300.

Q: How are workshop rooms set up? What audio-visual equipment will be available for my presentation?
All workshop rooms will be set theater style to maximize seating. A podium and head table for four (4) is standard in each room for presenters. Additionally, the following AV equipment will be set in each room:

  • (1) computer at the podium
  • Audio connection from computer (to play DVD/video)
  • (1) wireless presentation mouse
  • (1) podium microphone
  • (1) table-top microphone for panelists
  • (1) wired audience microphone with stand for Q&A
  • (1) screen
  • (1) LCD projector

Any additional requests will be considered at the discretion of the Technology Conference Team and the availability of such resources.

Q: I have never presented at an IACP Conference before. What is expected of me?
A: IACP members invest a considerable amount of time and expense to attend the conference. For these reasons, IACP works hard to ensure each and every event at the conference realizes its full potential. Our members expect:

  • Presenters will prepare for their event prior to arrival.
  • Presenters have a significant knowledge and expertise of the subject area, and have sufficient presentation skills to effectively communicate.
  • Presenters will engage the audience. The greatest success you can have is to inspire your audience so they come out of the presentation buzzing with thoughts and ideas. You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Engage your audience as quickly as possible.
  • Presenters will not engage in commercial presentations of their organization.
  • Presenters will be conscious of the time limitation of their presentation.
  • Presenters will not simply read directly from written statements.
  • Presenters understand that materials provided for an IACP event become the property of the IACP (for placement on www.theiacp.org or use in other educational activities of the association).

If you do not see your question answered above, please contact techconference@theiacp.org.

Who Should Attend

Law enforcement executives, IT managers, crime analysts, investigators, patrol officers, and state and local CIOs and CTOs seeking to obtain training, professional development, and a forum to share best practices and lessons learned on a broad array of current and emerging technologies.

Technology plays an increasingly important role in the daily work of officers on the street, equipping officers with tools that have the potential to increase safety, efficiency, and effectiveness. While these technological advancements have their benefits, they can also present new challenges for law enforcement.

Since 1977, the IACP Technology Conference has provided training, professional development, and a national forum for law enforcement executives, operational managers, and technology and research staff to share best practices and lessons learned on a broad array of new and emerging technologies.

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Check out the educational program to learn about the type of content presented that the IACP Technology Conference.

Exhibit & Sponsorship Opportunities

Exhibit space sales for the 2023 Technology Conference will open January 11, 2023, at 12:00 PM EST for returning exhibitors and sponsors from past Technology Conferences (2019-2022).

General exhibit sales will open January 18, 2023. If your company has not participated in the Technology Conference and you are interested in receiving more information when it becomes available, please sign up for updates on the 2023 Tech Conference. 

Exhibit Space Rate: $22.00 per square foot (e.g., 10' x 10' booth = 100 s/f = $2,200)


2023 Floor Plan

A link to view the floor plan will be posted mid-December. 


For exhibitor inquiries, contact Gaye Dullaghan at dullaghan@theiacp.org or 703-647-7353. 


Click here to view the Sponsorship Opportunities. Interested in sponsoring the Division Midyear Conference? Please contact Heather Shuster at sponsorship@theiacp.org or 202-437-1986.


Q: Where will the 2023 IACP Technology Conference be held?

A: The conference will be held at the Salt Palace Convention Center (100 SW Temple) in Salt Lake City, Utah on May 22-24.

Q: Who is eligible to attend to the conference?

A: Registration is open to members of the IACP and qualified non-members which include employees of transnational, federal, state, local and tribal law enforcement agencies and their contractors; institutions of higher education; public, private, and not-for-profit organizations whose work supports the public safety mission; and employees of state, local, tribal, or federal government.

Q: How do I present at the 2023 IACP Technology Conference?

A: Submit a proposal during the Call for Presentations period that will open in October 2022. Sign up for updates to be notified when more information is available.

Q: My company is interested in exhibiting at or sponsoring the event, who do we contact?

A: Sign up for updates or contact sponsorship@theiacp.org to be notified when updates are available. General exhibit booth sales will begin in January 2023.

Q: When does registration open?

A: Registration will open in December 2022.

Q: Will there be a hotel room block available?

A: Yes, IACP will have a dedicated room block. Information will be announced when registration opens.

Q: Can members of the media attend the conference?

A: Please contact techconference@theiacp.org for more information.

Q: Who can I contact if I have questions?

A: If you have questions not addressed in the FAQs, contact techconference@theiacp.org.

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