Policy Councils

Policy Councils

Policy Councils are designed to facilitate communication, cooperation, and coordination among the Committees and Sections of the IACP. Policy Councils are intended to serve as a forum for members of the IACP to collaborate on issues of importance to the law enforcement profession in a timely, focused, and flexible manner. A Policy Council is a group of like-topic committees and sections working together for the good of the Association. Each Policy Council is chaired by a member of the IACP Executive Board. Board leadership ensures that the activities of the councils are coordinated and aligned with the overall direction and strategic priorities of the Association.

IACP sections are special interest groups designed to focus on the specific issues facing a certain type of position or function within law enforcement. Each section offers a unique array of benefits specifically tailored to meet the needs of its members. To join a section, log in your IACP member profile

Committees are focused on a particular issue in the law enforcement community and serve as subject matter experts for IACP policy, programs, and projects. Committees are limited to 30 members who are presidentially appointed on a rolling basis.

The chart below indicates which committees have openings and which committees are full. For individuals interested in joining a committee, submit a nomination by logging into your member profile here


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