Technology impacts every aspect of the law enforcement profession and is constantly evolving. The IACP provides a wide range of programs, working groups, and resources that cover technology topics including communications, information management, identification, enforcement technologies, forensics, operations, computer crime, digital evidence, and emerging technologies like unmanned aircraft and autonomous vehicles.

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Body-Worn Cameras

Body-worn cameras provide officers with a reliable and compact tool to systematically and automatically record their field observations and encounters. They can be used for...

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Social Media*

Social media has many potential uses for law enforcement agencies. The characteristics of collaboration and interactive communication that are at the core of social media...

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Support for Police Use of National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST)- approved AES Encryption Standard(s) in Voice and Data Communications

Submitted by: Communication and Technology Committee

Cosponsored by: Computer Crime and Digital Evidence Committee, Police Investigative Operations Committee



WHEREAS, when state and local...


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