Law Enforcement-Based Victim Services – Template Package V: Training

Law Enforcement-Based Victim Services – Template Package V: Training


All victim services personnel—supervisors, direct services staff, student interns, and volunteers—benefit from comprehensive, specialized training. Whether victim services staff are hired with significant advocacy experience or no relevant experience, agencies are encouraged to establish consistent training for all victim services personnel. Robust training establishes a strong foundation for the role of victim services and promotes consistency of practice. 

Developing training requires a significant amount of time and specialty. The purpose of this publication is to provide core content for victim services training. Materials have been developed through a review of documents from existing law enforcement-based victim services programs. While all material has been vetted by subject matter experts, they do not provide state-, tribe-, or agency-specific information. Agencies should carefully review all material and update content to ensure information is consistent with agency, statutory, and constitutional requirements within local jurisdictions. 


Overview Documents

Trainer Manual Victim Services Personnel Peer/Partner Learning Oppurtunity Feedback
Victim Services Personnel Training Plan Victim Services Personnel Training Evaluation


Activity Workbook

Scenario I - Death Investigation Scenario IV - Child Abuse
Scenario II - Aggravated Assault Scenario V - Elder Abuse 
Scenario III - Intimate Partner Violence  


Training Modules & Supplemental Handouts

Module 1: Victim Services Role Module 8: Crime Victim Compensation
Module 2: Critical Needs of Victims Module 9: Resources & Referrals for Victims
Module 3: Criminal Justice System Supportive Handoff Guidelines
Module 4: Ethics in Victim Services Module 10: Victim Services Actions
Module 5: Crisis Intervention with Victims Module 11: Documentation in Victim Services
Module 6: Field Response for Victim Services Module 12: Professional Wellness in Victim Services
Sworn Personnel Guide Boundaries in Victim Services
Module 7: Safety Planning with Victims  


For more information and resources on the Law Enforcement-Based Victim Services (LEV) Program, please visit the LEV Program's main project webpage

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