Internal Resources - Policy


Internal Resources - Policy

Use of Force

Adopt clear and comprehensive policies on the use of force that include training, investigations, prosecutions, data collection, and information sharing, and share these with the public.

Emphasize de-escalation and alternatives to arrest.

Mandate external and independent criminal investigations in cases of police use of force resulting in death.

Mandate external and independent prosecutors in police use of force cases.

Policies on use of force should clearly state what types of information will be released, when, and in what situation.

Adopt a use of force model that incorporates use of less lethal weapons.

Community Involvement

Involve the community in the process of developing and evaluating policies and procedures.

Develop policies that reinforce importance of community engagement in managing public safety.

Engage communities when developing policies for use of new technology.

Vulnerable Populations

Review and/or adopt policies toward vulnerable populations, including limiting use of physical control to a last resort.

Implement policies and training on cultural diversity/sensitivity, including interactions with the LGBTQ population, the Muslim, Arab and south Asian communities and immigrant or non-English speaking groups.

Establish search and seizure procedures related to LGBTQ and transgender populations.

Other Key Policy Considerations

Make all department policies publicly available.

Police-community contacts (procedural justice) - underscore the importance of language used and adopt policies directing officers to speak to individuals with respect.

Require officers to wear seatbelts and bullet-proof vests, and provide related training.

Develop policies and procedures on social media that define acceptable use by staff in both official and unofficial capacities.

Adopt and enforce policies prohibiting profiling and discrimination.

Develop school discipline policies with input from schools community that prohibit use of corporal punishment and electronic control devices.

Reinforce policies for the prevention of sexual misconduct and harassment.




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