Safeguarding Children of Arrested Parents Toolkit

Safeguarding Children of Arrested Parents Toolkit

The arrest of a parent can have a significant traumatic impact on children, including shock, immense fear, anxiety, or anger towards the arresting officers. The IACP provides resources for law enforcement to mitigate trauma experienced by children who have parents that are involved in the criminal justice system.

Safeguarding Children of Arrested Parents Model Policy 

This publication presents the wide range of challenges that law enforcement officers face surrounding the arrest of parents and the corresponding impact on children under their supervision. The Model Policy identifies policies and procedures that law enforcement can implement to help mitigate the potential trauma to children during the arrest of a parent, whether or not they are home at the time.  Download the PDF or Word Document now!

Roll Call Training Video

This short video (16:42 minutes) provides an introduction and overview of the issue and discusses the scope of the problem and the challenges for responding officers. It outlines implementation at the agency and officer levels and includes pre-arrest, arrest, booking, documentation and follow-up to ensure children of arrested parents are safeguarded. It includes interviews with law enforcement leaders, police officers, mental health practitioners, and children of arrested parents.

Watch here.

Classroom Training Resources

15-minute Police Executive Briefing

1.5 hour Line Officer Training

Online Training

This 1.5 hour, self-paced, interactive, online training is designed to educate front-line officers in best practices for conducting arrests of parents, both when children are present and when they are not. The information outlines procedures for ensuring children's safety and well-being throughout the parental arrest process. Learn more or register now!

Webinar Series

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