Enhancing Law Enforcement Response to Children Exposed to Violence Toolkit

Enhancing Law Enforcement Response to Children Exposed to Violence Toolkit


The IACP and Yale, with support from OJJDP, have launched the Enhancing Police Responses to Children Exposed to Violence: A Toolkit for Law Enforcement which provides practical tools and resources to assist law enforcement agencies in building or enhancing effective operational responses to children exposed to violence (with or without a mental health partner). This resource contains tools organized in four types: 


  • Chief’s Briefing on Children Exposed to Violence
  • The Officer’s Role in Responding to Traumatized Children

Operational Protocols:

  • On-Scene Acute Protocol for Children Exposed to Violence
  • Protocol for Responding to the Needs of Children at Scenes of Domestic Violence
  • Principles and Practices of Death Notification to Children


  • Organizational Self-Assessment Tool and Action Planning Tool

Operational Tools:

  • Reactions that Police May Observe From Children and Youth
  • What Traumatic Stress Reactions May Look Like On Scene?
  • Effective Police Responses to Traumatic Stress in Children of Different Ages
  • Commonly Asked Questions from Children and Example Police Responses
  • Common Issues with Caregivers and Police Responses
  • What To Do When Your Child Is Exposed to Violence – Brochure
  • Teaching the Tactical Breathing Technique to Children and Parents

Law enforcement and mental health providers working with law enforcement may request hardcopy toolkits by contacting: CEV@theiacp.org



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