External Resources - Community Engagement


External Resources - Community Engagement

In Police Planning & Problem Solving

Involve the community in the process of developing and evaluating policies, procedures, and strategies.

Establish a serious incident review board comprising sworn staff and community members.

Consider local needs when implementing technology and encourage public participation in the process.

Establish formal community/citizen advisory committees.

Law enforcement agencies should engage community members in the training process.

Consider the internet and social media as a means to encourage community input and collaboration.


Non Traditional Partners

Collaborate with public health, education, mental health, and other non traditional partners.

Partner with universities and others to collect data and analyze data.

Adopt community policing strategies that support and work in concert with economic development efforts.


Partner with academic institutions to integrate research into training, policies and practices.

Engage advocacy groups in the development of cultural diversity training.

Build relationships with immigrant communities.

Community Police Interaction

Initiate positive non-enforcement activities.

Consider the implications of crime fighting strategies for maintaining community trust.

Refrain from quotas related to officer enforcement actions, particularly those not related to public safety, such as generating revenue.

Adopt preferences for “least harm” resolutions for minor infractions (such as diversion programs or warnings and citations in lieu of arrest).

Allow sufficient time for patrol officers to participate in problem solving and community engagement activities and value these activities in performance. Evaluations

Schedule regular forums and meetings where all community members can interact with police and help influence programs and policy.

Decouple  immigration enforcement from routine local policing.



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