Research Advisory Committee

Research Advisory Committee


This committee shall provide input, advice, and direction to the association, law enforcement practitioners, law enforcement researchers, university based researchers, and the criminal justice system on all aspects of law enforcement policy research and evaluation. The committee will work toward the goal of establishing and sustaining effective research partnerships among law enforcement agencies and university based researchers; identify examples of partnerships that conclusively demonstrate the importance of such partnerships; aid in the preparation of intermittent reports to the field on law enforcement/university research partnerships, findings, and implications for the field; support and/or help design educational sessions at IACP and other conferences on law enforcement research findings and impact; and support research and underway by the U.S. Department of Justice, particularly the National Institute of Justice, through input, advice and the annual research agenda.

For more information, contact the IACP Committees Team.

To submit a nomination to join the Research Advisory Committee, submit a nomination form here

Research in Brief

The IACP Research Advisory Committee is proud to present the “Research in Brief” (RIB) column in IACP’s monthly Police Chief magazine. RIBS are concisely written one-page summaries of research on a variety of critical law enforcement-related topics, and each RIB includes practical action agendas to help law enforcement leaders apply the research to improve their operations. The goal of each RIB is to feature research that is innovative, credible, and relevant to a diverse law enforcement audience. You can access all archived RIB’S on the IACP website.

Committee Award

The IACP Leadership in Law Enforcement Research Award recognizes law enforcement agencies that demonstrate excellence in conducting and using research to improve police operations and public safety.

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