Center for Police Research and Policy

Center for Police Research and Policy

Research and evidence helps to identify what's effective in order to improve how we do the things we do and to better understand why we do the things we do. IACP programmatic initiatives are backed by research and can be traced to evidence showing why a specific model or approach was used, how the project design impacts success of the program, and where the program will have the greatest effect.


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De-escalation Training Evaluation at the Louisville Metro Police Department

This research is the first known study to demonstrate significant changes in officer behavior as a direct result of de-escalation training.

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About the Research Center

The International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP)/University of Cincinnati (UC) Center for Police Research and Policy engages in rigorous research that has practical implications for the field and is intended to serve as a national model for the way law enforcement agencies and researchers work together to help protect communities, safeguard citizens’ rights, and ensure the fair treatment of all individuals.

There is currently a gap between research and practice that the IACP/UC Center for Police Research and Policy seeks to close. Often times existing research does not provide actionable recommendations that can be easily translated into practical policies and practices that could enhance policing. Moreover, academic researchers often do not have access to all the data that police departments have, yet this data is necessary to conduct rigorous and meaningful research on police practices. The goal of the IACP/UC Center for Police Research and Policy is to provide a path for law enforcement and researchers to work together on studies that will drive future practices and policies.

For more information or with any questions about the IACP/UC Center for Police Research and Policy, please contact us at

The Research Center Team

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Dr. Robin Engel from the University of Cincinnati and Erin Vermilye from IACP provide the direction and expertise to ensure that the research is meeting the needs of the field and creating tools that provide impact to the field. Hear Dr. Engel's interview for IACPTV  discussing the goals of the Center and the partnership between IACP and the University of Cincinnati at IACP's 2016 Annual Conference and Exposition held in San Diego, CA. 

Meet the Team

IACP's Research Advisory Committee

IACP's Research Advisory CommitteeBooks

In 2003, IACP established a committee with both researchers and practitioners to provide input, advice, and direction to the association, law enforcement practitioners, researchers, and the criminal justice system on all aspects of law enforcement policy research and evaluation. This esteemed group is a critical voice for both the academic and law enforcement worlds -- and works to ensure that needs are met on both sides. 

More IACP/UC Center Resources

The IACP/UC Center for Police Research and Policy is committed to being responsive to the needs of the field and providing a path for law enforcement and researchers to work together in order to drive policy and practice. The links below include resources to guide law enforcement in closing the gap between research and practice.

Research Center Products

Are you interested in learning more about evidence-based policing? Do you need guidance on establishing and sustaining a law enforcement-researcher partnership? What is a randomized control trial? Visit this page for resources on these topics, and more:

General Tools & Resources

Model Policy for Collaborative Research Partnerships

Research partnerships are a critical component for enhancing policing policies and strategies. Knowing how to partner, when to partner, and what to expect when partnering is important for both the agency involved, as well as the researcher. The Law Enforcement-Researcher Collaborative Partnerships Model Policy / Concepts and Issues Paper were designed to assist you in this process:

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