Victims' Rights Jurisdiction Profiles

Law Enforcement-Based Victim Services (LEV)

Victims' Rights Jurisdiction Profiles

The National Crime Victim Law Institute (NCVLI) is tasked to develop Victims' Rights Jurisdiction Profiles for each state represented by LEV Grantees. The Victims' Rights Jurisdiction Profiles consist of two documents:

  • Select Victims' Rights - A document that intends to provide a base of knowledge regarding crime victims' rights in the designated state.
  • Privacy, Confidentiality, and Privilege - This resource is designed to enhance victim services personnel's knowledge and understanding of the law governing crime victims' rights to privacy, confidentiality, and privilege in the designated state.

All Victim’s Rights Jurisdiction Profiles can be found in NCVLI’s Victim Law Library, or by clicking on the links listed below.

To learn more about NCVLI’s partnership with the IACP, please click here.

NCVLI developed Victims' Rights Jurisdiction Profiles for all FY18, FY19, FY20, and FY23 LEV Grantees, including the following 37 states:


Select Victims' Rights 

Privacy, Privilege, and Confidentiality (still in development)

For more information and resources on the LEV Program, please visit the LEV Program's main project webpage

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