Criminal Justice Reform

Criminal Justice Reform

Justice systems across the globe and at all levels of government are scrutinized to ensure that their practices are fair, transparent, and serve the public safety needs of all citizens. Recently there has been considerable attention paid to law enforcement practices, especially in the area of arrests, use of force, and factors associated with officer decision making and discretion. Law enforcement leaders in many communities are responding to concerns regarding calls for justice system reforms and have become strong drivers of systems change in their state and local jurisdictions.

IACP can offer law enforcement leaders the tools, guides, online courses, and other resources to help them implement change within their departments, and become powerful voices to contribute to conversations regarding criminal justice system reform at any level. Whether the topic is juvenile justice, pre-arrest diversion, victim assistance, gender bias, or pre-trial justice, the IACP projects and resources will provide law enforcement at all levels the information, guidance, and insight necessary to advocate for justice systems that are fair, transparent, and effective.

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