The Crime of Domestic Violence Roll-Call Video


The Crime of Domestic Violence Roll-Call Video



IACP’s domestic violence training video “The Crime of Domestic Violence” was developed to present law enforcement and partners with information to strengthen the response to victims of domestic violence.

The Crime of Domestic Violence roll call video

The crime of domestic violence is complex and law enforcement officers often feel frustrated and discouraged when responding. Officers provide as much support to victims as possible, but when equipped with a better understanding of the nuances and dynamics of this intimate partner crime, they can more effectively address victims’ needs and hold offenders accountable. This video highlights the realities and complexities of domestic violence and provides strategies for effective investigations.

Segement 1: Critical Context


Segment 2: On-Scene Response


Segment 3: Offender Realities & Threats to Officers


Segment 4: Working Together


Full Video

Play all four segments here: 


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