Fraudulent Use of Rental, Lease and Financed Motor Vehicles

Fraudulent Use of Rental, Lease and Financed Motor Vehicles

As a result of manufacturers making vehicles more difficult to steal, there has been an increase in fraudulently obtaining rental, lease, or financed vehicles. Criminals are using them to commit other crimes, including violent crimes. 

Obtaining a rental, lease, or financed vehicle by theft, fraud, or having someone else rent and fail to return allows an offender to conceal their identity and avoid being connected to other crimes they have committed. 

Identifying them as "Civil Matters" and failing to enter them as a stolen fraudulently obtained vehicle only enables criminals to commit other crimes in vehicles that are difficult to trace back to them and creates an officer safety issue. 

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Encouraging All Law Enforcement Professionals to Enforce Statutes Relating to the Fraudulent Purchase, Lease, and Rental of Motor Vehicles

Submitted by: Vehicle Crimes Committee



WHEREAS, today’s manufactured vehicles are more difficult to steal, as vehicle manufacturers continually improve security features; and





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