Law Enforcement Opioid Resources


Law Enforcement Opioid Resources

Law enforcement agencies around the world are grappling with the epidemic of opioid overdoses. This initiative provides resources to address the enforcement side of this crisis, as well as to promote a paradigm shift toward a public health approach to substance use and prevention. The site also includes an online community for sharing ideas on confronting this issue.

Overdose Response

Training Resources:




Model Policies and Information on Naloxone:


Multijurisdictional Drug Task Forces:


Hello! The Law Enforcement Opioid Response Center is a new webpage currently in its soft-launch, beta-testing phase. You have reached a section that is currently under construction. While we have few resources on this section now, we are frequently updating with more content, so please check back in again soon. If you possess any relevant resources regarding multijurisdictional drug task forces that you think should be added to this section (training resources, sample memorandum of understanding, sample data sharing agreements, and/or policy examples), please send them, or a link to the webpage where they reside to IACP Project Coordinator Stephanie Areizaga at

Join the Conversation!

Law enforcement and partners can join this online community to share ideas, concerns, and accomplishments in an effort to promote evidence-based practices. Click HERE for instructions on how to join.


For more information or to contribute useful, relevant resources, please contact IACP Project Coordinator Stephanie Areizaga at 

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