Critical Issues: Naloxone

Critical Issues: Naloxone


The opioid epidemic has increased the likelihood that first responders will encounter overdose victims. Given that the success of reviving an overdose victim is dependent on swift treatment at the onset of the overdose, many law enforcement agencies are training and equipping officers to administer naloxone to overdose victims. This page will serve as a clearinghouse of resources to help guide law enforcement as they are confronted with difficult questions related to naloxone, more commonly known by the brand name Narcan.

Messaging Worksheet

The following messaging worksheet breaks down the topic of naloxone and provides key talking points and facts to assist you in your daily communications about the subject. This worksheet is exclusively available to IACP members. 

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Model Policies


This stand-alone document is intended to explore the primary issues surrounding the use of naloxone, commonly known by the brand name Narcan, by patrol officers in cases of opioid overdose. This document examines the predominant issue areas with the intention of providing law enforcement executives with essential information to make informed decisions—whether that decision is to implement a naloxone program, modify an existing program, or reject or defer decision-making on this matter.

Other Resources

Addressing 21st Century Drug Issues: Law Enforcement’s Leadership Role (2016)
This report addresses the entire spectrum of current and emerging U.S. drug issues including illegal drug sources, at-risk populations, Naloxone Reversal programs, drugged driving, drug courts, drug treatment, and diversion. The report discusses selected drug issues concretely, such as those surrounding opioids, prescription drugs, heroin, methamphetamines, and marijuana, and concludes with an action agenda for law enforcement leaders, positioning them to take a lead role in addressing all drug issues from a systematic, community-based perspective.

Drugs of Abuse: Part 1 and Part 2 Training Key (2012) 
This is a two-part Training Key® that discusses the current state of the drug trade and provides detailed information regarding the most commonly encountered drugs of abuse.



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