Executive Search

Executive Search

The IACP offers comprehensive police executive search services. 

Our experienced team recognizes the significance of selecting the new executive leadership and works in partnership with the jurisdiction through all stages of the planning, selection, and transition processes. 

Key elements of the IACP police executive search process include:

Comprehensive candidate profiling and job analysis – 
Using a collaborative model to integrate the specific needs of a community and the hiring agency, the IACP will help define the qualifications of the ideal candidate, from minimum education and experience levels to management and leadership style. We will also work with you to produce a comprehensive listing of tasks, duties, and responsibilities for your next chief.

Extensive recruitment advertising 
The IACP search team will work with the jurisdiction to draft a vacancy announcement that highlights the hiring agency and effectively outlines its requirements. The IACP will then leverage its many avenues of information transfer to promote your vacancy to a wide audience and recruit highly qualified candidates. Print and electronic distribution methods include the Police Chief magazine, IACPNet, www.theiacp.org, and www.discoverpolicing.org. We will also provide notice to and solicit candidate recommendations from our nationwide network of government and police executive contacts.

Applicant screening, evaluation, and selection  
Based on the needs of the client, the IACP can assist the hiring agency in all levels of the selection process. Our executive search team can review and cull resumes, conduct background investigations, facilitate interviews and assessment centers, and provide personalized guidance to the agency as it selects and transitions to new leadership. 

Hiring agencies may engage the IACP for all or a portion of these executive search elements.

To obtain more information about these services please email professionalservices@theiacp.org or call 703.836.6767.

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