Leadership Services

Leadership Services

IACP is committed to shaping the future of the policing profession through leadership development and offers a suite of tuition-based leadership training opportunities.

The IACP provides leadership development through a suite of tuition-based courses specifically designed to connect with law enforcement professionals at each stage of their career. In addition to custom leadership development, IACP offers three established leadership courses that can be delivered in-person or virtually: an introduction to leadership for aspiring and new supervisors called First-Line Leadership (FLL); a leadership development retreat for women and those who develop women leaders called the Women’s Leadership Institute (WLI); and a rigorous, hands-on leadership development course for experienced leaders called Leadership in Police Organizations (LPO).

Download the FLL flyer. | Download the WLI flyer. | Download the LPO flyer.  

For more information about IACP leadership development courses and services, contact LeadershipServices@theIACP.org.

Custom Leadership Development

The IACP provides custom leadership development, tailored to fit the needs of your Agency. These courses draw on existing IACP training and capitalize on a cadre of experienced police executives to develop new curricula specific to your Agency's professional development needs. These courses can be delivered virtually and in-person, and incorporate proven adult learning strategies to maximize retention and everyday application. 

We encourage you to reach out to LeadershipServices@theIACP.org to start the conversation today. 

First-Line Leadership (FLL)

The First-Line Leadership (FLL) training program is a three-day in-person or six-week virtual training designed to meet the needs of current and aspiring leaders. FLL focuses on three elements of leadership – The Leader, The Follower, and The Situation. 

Visit the FLL webpage for more information. 

Women's Leadership Institute (WLI)

The Women’s Leadership Institute (WLI) is a one-week in-person or eight-week virtual leadership training program for women leaders and those developing women leaders. This curriculum is focused on teaching participants evidence-informed leadership theories to help them inspire followers, lead groups, and achieve organizational goals—all in the context of better understanding the unique challenges women face in the workplace. Participants of this course have recommended the training not only for its delivery of tangible leadership strategies, but also for its outstanding networking opportunities and promotion of successful women in law enforcement.

Visit the WLI webpage for more information. 

Leadership in Police Organizations (LPO)

Leadership in Police Organizations (LPO) is IACP’s three-week in-person (one week a month over the course of three consecutive months) or three-to-twelve-week virtual leadership development training program for experienced leaders through command. LPO is modeled after the training concept of dispersed leadership (“every officer a leader”) and delivers modern behavioral science concepts and theories uniquely tailored to the law enforcement environment. Participants learn evidence-informed leadership theories, decision-making processes, and effective communication strategies that will help them inspire followers, lead groups, and achieve organizational goals.

Visit the LPO webpage for more information. 

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