First-Line Leadership Training (FLL)


First-Line Leadership Training (FLL)

The First-Line Leadership (FLL) training program is designed to meet the needs of current and aspiring sworn and civilian first-line supervisors. FLL is offered as both a three-day in-person training and a six-week virtual training. 

Course Overview

The First-Line Leadership (FLL) training program is a three-day training designed to meet the needs of current and aspiring leaders. FLL focuses on three elements of leadership – The Leader, The Follower, and The Situation.

Focus areas include:

  • Understanding Good and Bad Leader Behavior
  • Effective Leader Communication
  • Understanding Human Motivation
  • Effective Followership
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Culture and Ethical Organizations 

By the end of this course, attendees should have a set of strategies and tools to call upon when making decisions, inspiring followers, and achieving organizational goals.

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Host an FLL Course for Your Agency

If you are interested in hosting a First-Line Leadership training event in your area, please reference the facilities checklist to ensure that you are able to meet the hosting requirements.

FLL training events are:

  • Three days in length.
  • Limited in size with up to 36 students per event.
  • Interactive and intensive. The training will be delivered using a variety of interactive teaching methods whereby participants will be continuously engaged with trainers and other attendees. For enhanced learning, participants will also be required to complete pre and post-training assignments.
  • Inclusive of participants from all ranks and agency sizes to provide opportunities for networking and information sharing.
  • Taught by experienced law enforcement trainers using a peer-based model. Curriculum developed by program advisors who are subject matter experts with significant executive level law enforcement experience.

For information about how your department can host a training, please contact

FLL Testimonials


“The First-Line Leadership Program provides a great introduction to leadership.  It is great for newer leaders or those who aspire to be a leader.  I appreciate the thought process of working to try to become a part of the solution instead of the problem.” – Vail, CO, Police Department

“All the material was personalized to our work through discussion and exercises.  The training was interactive which led to great discussion and self-reflection into our current positions” – ATF, Denver Field Division

“I was able to identify my leadership style and areas needing improvement.  There is always room to improve yourself is the most important thing I will take back to my agency” – North Charleston, SC, Police Department


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