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More than 1,700 law enforcement agencies and 6,000 users are finding solutions on IACPnet.

IACPnet subscriptions are only available to local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies, as well as law enforcement academic institutions and associations.

IACPnet benefits you, your agency, and your community.

  • Increased productivity

  • Elevated job performance & better performance reviews

  • Enhanced professional and public image


  • Greater ability to overcome objections and obstacles

  • Strengthened leadership skills

  • Heightened awareness of national trends & policy issues


Photo of Deputy Chief Vavra"When I need policy examples, IACPNet is my go-to resource."

Deputy Chief Kurt Vavra
Glen Ellyn, Illinois, Police Department

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“We recently completed a staffing study which recommended adding the rank of Commander to our organizational structure. In preparation for the new rank, I utilized IACPnet to research Commander job descriptions. I found exactly what I needed and IACPnet saved me a great deal of time. I have also used this great resource on numerous occasions to help with policy development. When I need policy examples, IACPnet is my go-to resource."

Chief Steven Davis "For a small town Chief, it’s one of my best resources and a must to have."

Chief Steven Davis
Mountain View, Colorado, Police Department

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"Absolutely it is so useful to me. As a small town Chief, I do not have the luxury of commanders doing research for important issues such as hiring, internal affair questions/updates and general overall running of the department. I depend on IACP.org weekly for different reasons. I have used the data base for my officer evaluations (obtaining examples from like size departments), internal compliant processes and as of late, my hiring and promoting of officers. This is just a sampling of what I use IACPnet for but am accessing it often for various admin reasons. For a small town Chief, it’s one of my best resources and a must to have."

Capt John Jurkash "I have actually used IACPnet quite often since being updated this last year. Not only did I use it to help update our Mission, Vision, and Values Statements for our Department following an Admin change."

John Jurkash, Operations Captain
Public Information Officer
Whitestown Metropolitan Police Department

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"I have actually used IACPnet quite often since being updated this last year. Not only did I use it to help update our Mission, Vision, and Values Statements for our Department following an Admin change, but I also use it quite often to review other agencies' policies nationwide when we are lacking in a policy or need to update our own.

The network has been extremely user friendly, and I have not quite gone down the rabbit hole of the Training and Funding opportunities but that is one more thing I am sure we can benefit from greatly. "

Bill Nato"My personal favorite part is the ability to research various policies, forms, & documents from other agencies."

Bill Nato, Accreditation Manager
University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill Department of Public Safety

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"My personal favorite part is the ability to research various policies, forms, & documents from other agencies along with the ability to submit requests (Quests) for assistance."

Services available on IACPnet

An IACPnet subscription includes online e-libraries of law enforcement documents, forms, policies, publications, best practices, statistics, and multimedia; grant, funding, and training announcements; Discussion Boards for secure peer-to-peer information exchange; calendar of events; news and current affairs; and much more. The IACPnet team has also developed resources to assist you in using the site. 

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Resource Library

Stay informed with over 75,000 resources at your fingertips, including:

  • Best practices
  • Award-winning programs
  • Training videos
  • Podcasts
  • Ordinances
  • Revenue-generating ideas
  • Human resources samples
  • In-depth reports
  • Cost-saving initiatives
  • Industry publications
  • Much more!


Easily locate in-use forms from over 3,000 samples available in standard file formats in the following categories:

  • Administration
  • Civil process
  • Corrections
  • Human resources
  • Internal affairs
  • Investigations
  • Patrol
  • Property and evidence
  • Public forms
  • Training
  • Other miscellaneous forms


The ultimate resource for updating your policy manual. Over 25,000 policies -- 10,000 from CALEA-accredited agencies -- including:

  • License plate readers
  • Grooming and appearance
  • Social media
  • Canine units
  • Active shooters
  • Body-worn cameras
  • Pursuits
  • Use of force
  • Animal control
  • School resource officers
  • Secondary employment
  • Electronic control devices
  • Recording police activity


Compare yourself to other law enforcement agencies using statistical reports on topics such as:

  • Incentive compensation
  • Minimum education requirements
  • Personnel assignments
  • Screening techniques
  • Operating budgets
  • Patrol functions
  • Less-than-lethal weapons
  • Motorized fleets
  • Community policing


Find the aid you need all in one place, including grant and funding announcements on:

  • Public grants
  • Private sector grants
  • No-cost and low-cost training
  • Educational materials
  • Software downloads
  • Equipment
  • Many other opportunities!

Events & Training

Your online calendar of events, including:

  • Training opportunities, free and paid
  • Online trainings
  • Upcoming conferences
  • Regional workshops


Stay current on news and announcements from sources around the country.

Sources include agencies from around the country including the IACP, federal agencies and other major law enforcement associations.

Keep up-to-date with our own weekly compilation of law enforcement-related news articles.

Federal Legislation

Watch relevant law enforcement bills move through the United States Congress.

Law enforcement federal legislation is tracked and updated so you can keep up-to-date on the progress of bills.

Analysis by the IACP is included on select bills.

Discussion Boards

The IACPnet Discussion Board affords you the capability to connect with more than 6,000 other law enforcement professionals on a global scale.

  • Post questions to seek and receive feedback from your peers
  • Share your own insight by responding to posts.
  • Search this section to find solutions and cutting-edge

Department Directory

Locate member agencies by:

  • Number of sworn officers
  • State or national accreditation status
  • Specialized units
  • Regional location
  • Department size

User Directory

The social networking tool for command staff where you can share:

  • Photos
  • Resumes
  • Info on law enforcement experience
  • Law enforcement training info
  • Education background
  • Memberships
  • Awards
  • Contact information


Find thousands of relevant law enforcement web sites in this directory, including links to:

  • Police departments
  • Sheriff’s offices
  • Federal agencies
  • State legislation
  • Judicial sites
  • Law enforcement associations
  • Research organizations


Record and report on pursuit data with this vital, database-driven resource. Empowers command staff and supervisors to make better pursuit-related decisions based on hard data across 30 data fields. Available at no charge to IACP Net subscribers who participate by adding their pursuit data. More information on Pursuits is available at: www.login4pursuits.net


Exclusive search engine providing fast, accurate searching of thousands of law enforcement web sites. These police-related sites are hand-picked, reviewed, and evaluated for relevance to law enforcement. Once they pass IACPnet's quality standards, sites are cataloged, indexed, and searchable.


Search current and past issues of leading periodicals, including:

  • The Police Chief
  • Sheriff & Deputy
  • AELE Monthly Law Journal
  • American City & County
  • FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin
  • Forensic Magazine
  • Governing

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