Working with the Media

Targeted Violence/Active Threat

Working with the Media

With the advancements in technology today, news spreads fast and inaccurate information can quickly gain momentum. It is important that law enforcement agencies develop strong and trusting partnerships with local media outlets and ensure a media plan is in place prior to the occurrence of a targeted violence incident. This plan should detail how information is collected and distributed, who is in charge of media releases and press conferences, and what information is shared publicly. Police departments should work with news outlets to ensure responsible reporting of targeted violence attacks, to include denying notoriety of the assailant as infamy is widely believed to be a motivator for mass attacks.




IACP Considerations Document, Concepts & Issues Paper, and Need to Know Brochure - Media Relations


These documents will help agencies ensure that all agency personnel understand the importance of media relations and their role in contributing to the agency’s relationship with the media, as well has how to disseminate information in a timely, accurate, and effective way.

PIO Lessons Learned from a Major Event

Aurora Colorado Police Department

This presentation is adapted from one given on the PIO response to the Century 16 Theater Shooting in Aurora, Colorado. This presentation contains nonspecific information to provide some insight and guidance to professional PIOs. 

Mass Shootings: The Role of the Media in Promoting Generalized Imitation


American Journal of Public Health, James N. Meindl and Jonathan W. Ivy

This article provides an overview of generalized imitation and discusses how the way media report a mass shooting can increase the likelihood of another shooting event. Also included are proposed media reporting guidelines to minimize imitation and further decrease the likelihood of a mass shooting.

Are You Ready for the Crisis That May Be Heading Your Way? Implementing a Crisis Communications Plan Will Prepare Police Leaders to Navigate the Treacherous Tsunami of Social Media during the First 24-48 Hours of a Crisis

Police1, Force Science Institute

This article highlights how to implement an effective crisis communications plan in relation to social media.

The Impact of Police and Media Relations on a Crisis

Institutional Archive of the Naval Postgraduate School, C. Daniel Castro

This thesis focuses on a joint police and media response plan and outlines a preparation plan to assist the public during a terrorist attack or similar crisis.


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