State and Provincial Police Academy Directors (SPPADS)

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State and Provincial Police Academy Directors (SPPADS)


This section has been established to create and sponsor activities intended to advance the principles and competency of professional law enforcement instructors; exchange of ideas, plans, and methods between section members and other persons or organizations interested in achieving competency in law enforcement training; develop ideas, plans, and methodology relating to the science of instructional technology; disseminate research data and information based on practical experience; recognize members and individuals comprising the law enforcement training community; and provide assistance to those persons and/or organizations interested in the attainment of the goals and objectives of the IACP.

Contact the Member Engagement Team at for more information.

SPPADS Instructor of the Year

Nominations for the 2020 SPPADS Instructor of the Year are now open! Academy instructors are committed to the core values that make them role models and consistently go above and beyond the call of duty, no matter what agency they represent. Please take this opportunity to recognize someone within your agency deserving of this nomination. 

Submit a nomination here.

Nominations are accepted until December 20, 2019. Please reach out to the IACP Member Engagement Team at if you have any questions.




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