Transnational Crime Committee

Transnational Crime Committee


It is the mission of the Transnational Crime Committee (TCC) of the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) to enhance public safety globally by strengthening the awareness, cooperation, and coordination among law enforcement agencies worldwide. The ultimate goal is to effectively disrupt, dismantle, and prosecute transnational crime and the organizations that seek to earn, move, and store the proceeds of these crimes. It is also the mission of the TCC to utilize the collective and varied expertise of the TCC membership as a resource to the IACP membership and law enforcement community to provide current information regarding emerging trends and threats, and to establish best practice methods relative to combating transnational crime.

TCC Objectives:
  • Be a forum to bring together the international law enforcement community to identify current and future transnational crime issues, both traditional and non-traditional.
  • Provide recommendations/resolutions to the IACP leadership relative to unmet law enforcement needs critical to addressing those issues.
  • Provide IACP membership with an awareness of the significant impact of emerging trends, in an effective manner so they may recognize it at an early stage in their respective communities.
  • Identify best practices and innovative strategies aimed at effectively controlling and preventing transnational crime in all communities.
  • Disseminate awareness and best practice information through presentations at the IACP Annual Conference or publication of articles in the Police Chief Magazine.
  • Liaise with other IACP Committees with which transnational crime activity overlaps.
  • Be a resource center for transnational crime reference materials, subject matter experts and training/development programs on transnational crime and a recognized center for best practices and innovation.

For individuals interested in joining the Transnational Crime Committee, submit a nomination by logging into your member profile here. For more information, contact the IACP Member Engagement Team




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