Community Policing Committee

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Community Policing Committee


This committee shall study community policing strategies and operations. It shall work to define community policing and create standardized criteria for agencies employing it; formulate model policies and procedures for community police operations; sponsor, evaluate, and publish community-oriented policing research; coordinate and distribute literature and other community police resource and reference materials; develop and distribute community policing training curriculum and other learning materials for all levels of police personnel; compile a network of professional law enforcement and academic experts and contact persons on community policing; identify, reward, and portray as models agencies that have successfully implemented community-policing programs; and establish links with non-law enforcement social and human service agencies toward enhanced communication, training, and mutual problem solving.

For more information, contact the IACP Committees Team.

To submit a nomination to join the Community Policing Committee, submit a nomination form here

Committee Award

The IACP Leadership in Community Policing Award recognizes promising practices that utilize effective and long-lasting partnerships to make local, national, and global communities safer.

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