What State Coordinators Do

What State Coordinators Do

The DRE State Coordinator is responsible for the daily operations of their state’s DEC program. Duties and responsibilities of the State Coordinator include, but are not limited to;

  • Following the IACP Drug Evaluation and Classification program International Standards or equivalent state standards.
  • Act as an information clearinghouse and central communications point for the program with the state.
  • Assist in the coordination of DRE training and other support activities for all agencies participating in the program within the state including the assignment of DRE School Course Managers and instructors.
  • Provide justification and report on the effectiveness of their state’s program.
  • Ensure that DREs within their jurisdiction are entering their DRE evaluations either in a statewide or national database

Duties of the DRE state coordinator may vary depending upon the size of the program and their agency/ organization. At a minimum, the state coordinator should:

  1. Provide oversight and coordination of the DEC program following the IACP International Standards or equivalent state adopted standards
  2. Work in partnership with the IACP DEC program staff
  3. Ensure that DRE evaluation data is entered and reported using either an in-state data collection system or the IACP/NHTSA approved system
  4. Ensure that information is submitted to the IACP DRE Section Chair in a timely manner outlining the state’s yearly activities and accomplishments
  5. Promote the DEC program with the various key partners within the state
  6. Coordinate and assist in providing DRE training when resources allow
  7. Appoint and assign course managers to DRE training schools
  8. Promote and assist in the continuing education process for DREs within the state
  9. Conduct periodic review of DRE files for certification and re-certification procedures
  10. Conduct a periodic review of DRE reports and toxicology results to ensure accuracy
  11. Assist in the collection and distribution of IACP/NHTSA impaired driving and drug training materials
  12. Authorize or assist in obtaining DRE equipment and supplies when needed
  13. Work with other state coordinators to advance the effectiveness of the program
  14. Assist with or oversee the selection of DRE school candidates
  15. Participate whenever possible in the DRE Regional meetings

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