What State Coordinators Are

What State Coordinators Are

The success of the DEC program depends on proper coordination and infrastructure in each of the DEC states. This ultimately rests with the DRE state coordinator working in partnership with the Governor’s Highway Safety Office.

The IACP DRE Technical Advisory Panel (TAP) provides oversight and makes recommendations to the IACP Highway Safety Committee regarding the DEC program and other impaired driving issues. The IACP has developed international standards to assist and provide program support for DEC. In the IACP Drug Evaluation and Classification Program International Standards a DRE state coordinator is defined as

An individual designated to act as the statewide coordinator for the DEC program.” The duties of the position generally include, but are not limited to:

  1. Acting as an information clearinghouse and central communication point for the program within the state.
  2. Assisting in coordinating training and other support activities for all agencies participating in the program within the state.
  3. Coordinating the assignment of instructors in response to requests for service from federal and other sources.

Not mentioned in the definition, but vital to the program is ensuring proper communication with IACP and that data is collected, maintained and reported using a reliable data collection program. DRE state coordinators will be called upon to provide justification and report the effectiveness of their program. Without data, this will be difficult if not impossible.

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