Traffic Officer Safety Subcommittee

Traffic Officer Safety Subcommittee

Traffic stops are essential to effective traffic law enforcement and frequently act as the gateway to detecting serious crimes and arresting dangerous criminals; however, they are inherently dangerous to police officers. The IACP's Roadway Safety Committee (RSC) and a number of police agencies recognized this dilemma and--in partnership with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)—established the Law Enforcement Stops and Safety Subcommittee (LESSS). Renamed the Traffic Officer Safety Subcommittee, this subcommittee is tasked to improve the environment in which officers operate. The Traffic Officers Safety Subcommittee explores better ways to ensure officer safety during traffic stops and other roadside contacts.


Roll-Call Videos
Available Online:
They Don’t See You
Officer Safety Tips
Conducting A Traffic Stop

Available Via DVD:
These videos are available for law enforcement agencies on a single DVD. Please contact Mike Fergus to order a copy.

Your Vest Won’t Stop This Bullet: Focuses on ways to mitigate the perils of traffic stops and other roadside contacts
P.U.R.S.U.E: Focuses on decision making during motor vehicle pursuits
Saving Lives…One Stop At A Time: Showcases law enforcement’s efforts to save lives and reduce crash injuries
Is Today Your Day?: Encourages law enforcement officers to wear seatbelts

LESSS Staff Study 2004: (Screen Quality) or (Print Quality).

Police Chief Magazines
View the Police Chief Magazine article Solutions for Safer Traffic Stops.

For more information, contact Mike Fergus,, extension 811 or 703-647-6811.

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