IACP 2019 Recorded Sessions: Mass Casualty and Violent Attacks

IACP 2019 Recorded Sessions: Mass Casualty and Violent Attacks



Did you miss any part of IACP 2019 or want to re-watch a workshop? Select workshop sessions are posted here as a member-only benefit. Watch the videos below.

The First 12 Minutes Active Shooter Preparedness using the Whole-Community Approach

The First 12 Minutes is an innovative community active shooter preparedness program focused on educating those in harms way.  The focus is on empowering the community and having their first responders collaborate and train on best practices during an event.  This includes situational awareness, notification systems, barricading, confronting and using Stop the Bleed. The basis of the program is from research and after-actions of previous events.  Understanding the relationship between the speed of violence and police response times that result in the need for action prior to police arrival.  Identify your communities target audience; such as schools, houses of worship and places of assembly, highlighting the response gaps that may exist.

Public-Private Collaboration in Responding to a Potential Mass Casualty Incident

A holistic and constructively critical review of an active shooter incident at YouTube Headquarters in San Bruno, CA will demonstrate the value or public / private partnerships in responding to active violent threats. While conventional wisdom might may make this a difficult concept to comprehend, welcoming  private partner decision makers into the response, incident management, and decision making process has proved to be critical in enhancing an overall response to a critical incident and saves lives.  This presentation will illustrate how a large scale critical incident was successfully managed due to training and preparation among both public and private responders.  Similar efforts have resulted with additional private partners.

Dark Matter Exploring the Link Between Mass Shootings and Domestic Violence

As mass shootings become increasingly common in America's public spaces, researchers are discovering that many incidents have roots which are far closer to home. Emerging studies indicate that nearly 60% of mass murders are domestic violence related, presenting the opportunity to help prevent one type of targeted violence by addressing another. In this 90 minute training, threat assessment and management expert Lynn Fairweather uses real-life cases and data to demonstrate the significant connection between domestic violence (DV) and mass shootings. Participants will explore the mentality and motives of DV related mass murderers, and learn risk factors along the way that can help them to identify high-lethality subjects before they strike.



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