IACP 2018 Recorded Sessions: Police Recruitment and Retention


IACP 2018 Recorded Sessions: Police Recruitment and Retention



Did you miss any part of IACP 2018 or want to re-watch a workshop? Select workshop sessions are posted here as a member-only benefit. Watch the videos below.

Recruiting: What's Working? What's Not?

As law enforcement agencies brace for the "silver tsunami" are you finding that applicants aren't lining up at your door looking to wear your department's uniform? The good news is that you are not alone, law enforcement agencies around the nation are experiencing the same issue and so is the private sector. Our recruiting efforts of the past aren't working anymore. As we look to diversify our workforces, it's time we embrace technology, and new strategies, to find qualified men and women looking to keep our communities safe. Regardless of your agency size, this session will give you tools and ideas that are working from four agency leaders looking to replace more than 300 positions (20% of their workforce) created by retirements.

Marketing and Hiring: How to Stand Out When You Are a Small Fish in a Big Pond

Competition for high quality applicants is fiercer than ever. Limited quality candidate pools, restricted budgets and fewer career minded people make it harder to hire for the long-term. This class will detail ways to leverage yourself in the market by describing unique strategies, important selling points and the attractive intangibles your agency possesses that can help you attract the best fits for your organization. We will also explore the importance of conducting a character-based hiring process and how doing so can enhance morale, agency reputation and reduce your liability long-term.

Smaller Agency Track session recording made possible by Engility.

The Z Generation: How They Communicate, Learn, and Engage -- How This Impacts Your Agency

Law enforcement is in the midst of a paradigm shift, as the generation known as the Z Generation, born between 1995 and 2010, will graduate high school and college and prepare to enter the ranks of sworn officers. The Z Generation have had early and frequent exposure to technology, are the first real global generation, and have grown up in an uncertain and complex environment, marked by issues of violence and a volatile economy, all factors which shape their viewpoint about employment.

This presentation will examine how the Z Generation's expectations and style of communication can impact your agency, best practices in training the "Z's," and how to effectively motivate the "Z's" to engage and form partnerships with your community.



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