Reaffirming Bias-Free Practices

Reaffirming Bias-Free Practices


Reaffirming Bias-Free Practices


Submitted by: Human and Civil Rights Committee




WHEREAS, in a free society, law enforcement is entrusted and expected to protect the civil rights of all individuals; and

WHEREAS, the overwhelming majority of police officers perform their duty in a professional and impartial manner free from bias; and

WHEREAS, it is crucial that discrimination based on all discriminatory practices is deemed unacceptable and not tolerated; and

WHEREAS, every law enforcement chief executive should review their respective employment practices, policies and procedures to ensure those requirements are free from any form of bias; and

WHEREAS, the IACP recognizes that establishing organizational accountability and transparency is the highest priority to effectively promote public trust; and

WHEREAS, when individual police employees violate a core value of the agency they should be held accountable; and

WHEREAS, every police agency should have a policy which clearly prohibits all discriminatory policing practices; now, therefore be it

RESOLVED, that the IACP reaffirms its long-standing position against biased enforcement, or any other type of discriminatory practices.




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