Body-Worn Camera Video Release

Body-Worn Camera Video Release


Submitted by: Police Administration Committee

Cosponsored by: Committee of Homeland Security, Communications & Technology Committee,  Community Policing Committee, Crime Prevention Committee, Education & Training Committee,   Forensics Committee, Highway Safety Committee, Human and Civil Rights Committee, Police Professional Standards, Ethics, and Image Committee, University/College Police Section, Victim Services Committee, and Juvenile Justice and Child Protection Committee



WHEREAS, in recent years, delays in release of body-worn camera footage of officer-involved use-of- force incidents have provided opportunities for the dissemination of misleading information about what transpired leading up to and during the incidents has, in some cases, contributed to civil unrest; and

WHEREAS, public expectations for transparency in the disclosure of police officers’ actions in use-of- force situations have increased pressure on law enforcement executives to release the body-worn camera footage in a timely fashion; and

WHEREAS, the ability of law enforcement executive to release body-worn camera footage are often restricted by a number of factors including collective bargaining agreements, jurisdiction-specific laws or regulations, court rules of procedures, and interagency agreements; and

WHEREAS, law enforcement executives often need to consult with the prosecutor of jurisdiction and the independent investigative agency, if applicable, prior to the release of their video and/or audio recordings; and

WHEREAS, it should be recognized that consistency in release of body-worn camera videos should be adhered to so that allegations of bias in the release policy is not a consideration; now, let it be

RESOLVED, that the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) strongly supports the development and administration of policies that allow for the release of body-worn camera videos to explain context and to provide their communities with objective information on incidents, maximize transparency, protect their communities from misleading information, and build confidence and trust in the actions of their police agencies



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