Resolution on Preemployment Psychological Evaluations

Resolution on Preemployment Psychological Evaluations

Submitted by:
Police Psychological Services Section

Police Professional Standards, Ethics, and Image Committee
Retired Chiefs of Police Section

WHEREAS, law enforcement agencies are tasked with engaging in a rigorous vetting and selection process with regard to hiring personnel, including the identification of candidates who are psychologically suitable for police and public safety work; and

WHEREAS, there are a variety of methods currently employed to vet and select police and public safety personnel; and

WHEREAS, most states (e.g., 37 states at present) have enacted laws requiring a preemployment psychological evaluation prior to a candidate being hired to work as a law enforcement officer; and

WHEREAS, correctly identifying psychologically suitable candidates for hire, and correctly identifying and screening out psychologically unsuitable candidates for hire will improve the overall effectiveness and trust of law enforcement agencies; and

WHEREAS, the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP), has published guidelines on preemployment psychological evaluations and encourages all law enforcement agencies to follow them with the goal of achieving the best possible hiring decisions with regard to police and public safety personnel, and

WHEREAS, the IACP guidelines indicate that agencies should utilize examiners who are licensed, doctoral-level psychologists trained and experienced specifically in the provision of preemployment psychological evaluations for public safety positions, and who participate in regular, ongoing continuing education and training that is specific to preemployment screening in addition to that of a more general police psychology nature, and be familiar with the overall hiring/selection process of the hiring agency and procedures required by law; and now therefore be it

RESOLVED, that the IACP promote and support use of the guidelines in law enforcement agencies both nationally and internationally.



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