Resilience Strategies for Your Role

Resilience Strategies for Your Role

Real world resilience strategies for where you are.

The stressors that first responders face can have serious implications for overall health and wellness. Supporting mental health is essential for the wellbeing of first responders and their colleagues, agencies, families, and communities. This series of resources is designed to support agencies and departments to address officer mental health and wellness concerns through unique and practical resilience strategies, customized to roles within the field of public safety. By implementing these strategies in their personal and professional lives, individuals will learn how to navigate adversity, thrive in the face of challenges, and maintain positive mental health.

Executive Leaders

Executive leaders play a key role in the success and wellness of their agencies. They are the decision-makers, and provide support for their officers as well as community members. It is important that executive leaders focus on their own wellbeing to be better prepared to lead and develop a culture of wellness in their agencies. Spanish translation available.

Field Training Officers

  • Field training officers have a lasting impact on the law enforcement profession. Serving as a role model to the newest generation of officers gives them a unique influence on agency culture, which is a significant responsibility. They should therefore prioritize taking care of themselves in order to feel their best and give their best to those they have been entrusted to support. Spanish translation available.

Frontline Officers

  • Frontline officers play a crucial role in protecting their community. Their everyday duties, while rewarding, may also be stressful and overwhelming. For the benefit of their own overall wellbeing, their community, and their fellow officers, it is important for frontline officers to safely and effectively manage the pressures that come with the job. Spanish translation available.

Law Enforcement Families

  • Law enforcement families play an important role in helping officers maintain healthy, balanced lives — but they are only equipped to provide that support if they prioritize taking care of themselves, too. All families have their own unique ways to navigate the challenges and opportunities that come with a life in law enforcement. These tips translate across many situations and may help them to develop their own approach for handling these realities. Spanish translation available.

Police Chaplains

  • Police chaplains are a valuable resource for the law enforcement community and beyond, offering comfort and counsel to those in need. As a trusted member of the police support system, it is essential for police chaplains to be prepared for challenging situations. To fulfill this responsibility, their personal needs must also be considered and prioritized. Spanish translation available.

Public Information Officers

  • Public information officers are critical to maintaining police and community safety and wellness. They engage with the community to provide vital information and advocate for their agencies. It is important that public information officers support their own wellness to be better prepared to help and connect with others. Spanish translation available.

Public Safety Telecommunicators

  • Public safety telecommunicators, or dispatchers, assist and support officers as well as community members. They play a key role in communicating important information and coordinating responses to emergency situations. It is important that public safety telecommunicators support their own wellness to be better prepared to help others and end each shift well. French translation available. Spanish translation available.


  • While leaving a career in law enforcement can reduce many work-related stresses, retiring from service may bring a new set of challenges. In order to fully appreciate this well-deserved phase of life, it is important to properly address and manage the potential difficulties associated with a post-career reality. Spanish translation available.

School Resource Officers

  • School resource officers have a unique role in providing a link between law enforcement and the community by serving the youth of their district. It is important that actively prioritize their own well-being in order to  fulfill the responsibilities of this valuable role and effectively support the youth they interact with. Spanish translation available.

Victim Services Personnel

  • Victim services personnel serve a vital role in supporting victims and witnesses of crimes through difficult situations and maintaining positive relationships throughout criminal justice procedures. Extending the same care they show to others will help victim services personnel to continue serving their community to the fullest extent. Spanish translation available.


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