Internal Resources - Administrative


Internal Resources - Administrative

Employee Engagement

Involve employees in the process of developing policies and procedures.

Establish a serious incident review board comprising sworn staff and community members.

Implement non-punitive peer review of critical incidents.

Implement multi-rank assessment process of new technology (agency and community input).

Internal Processes

Incorporate procedural justice into the internal discipline process.

Institute residency incentive programs.

Explore more flexible staffing models.

Adopt identification procedures that eliminate or minimize presenter bias or influence.

Document, prevent, and address sexual harassment and misconduct by local law enforcement agents consistent with the recommendations of the IACP.

Implement scientifically supported officer shift lengths.

Reinforce policies for the prevention of sexual misconduct and harassment.

Strive for workforce diversity.

Allow sufficient time for patrol officers to participate in problem solving and community engagement activities and value these activities in performance evaluations.


Deploy smart technology to prevent the manipulation of evidence.

Consider local needs when implementing technology and encourage public participation in the process.

Adopt model policies and best practices for technology-based community engagement that increases community trust and access.

Develop policies and procedures on social media that define acceptable use by staff in both official and unofficial capacities.

Law enforcement agencies should review and consider the bureau of justice assistance’s (bja) body worn camera toolkit to assist in implementing body-worn cameras (bwcs).

Use less lethal weapons as part of the use of force model and provide annual retraining on their use.

Officer Safety & Wellness

Law enforcement agencies should promote safety and wellness at every level of the organization.

Implement scientifically supported officer shift lengths.

Provide each officer with tactical first aid kits and anti-ballistic vests and related training.

Require officers to wear seatbelts and bullet-proof vests, and provide related training.

Offer mental health checks for officers, and ready access to information on fitness, resilience, and nutrition.

Ongoing training related to officer wellness and safety, including discussion of fatigue, stress, post-traumatic stress, and healt

Data Collection

Measure and track community trust through annual surveys.

Collect, analyze, and post to web information about stops, summonses, arrests, reported crime, and other law enforcement data aggregated by demographics.

Collect, track, and analyze data on use of force incidents.

Open data on department personnel demographics.

Collect, maintain and analyze demographic data on all detentions (stops, frisks, searches, summons and arrests.

Collect data on officer deaths, injuries, and "near misses."

Track outcomes associated with body worn cameras (e.g., complaints and use of force incidents).




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