Ethics Training

Ethics Training

Training Keys

Police Ethics: Problems and Solutions, Parts I and II 

This two-part Training Key®   examines  the  nature  and  importance of police ethics and discuss some of the factors that affect police integrity in today’s world and presents specific suggestions that may help law enforcement  agencies  resolve  some  of  the problems identified here.

 Part I



Part II


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Leadership Training 

The IACP’s Leadership in Police OrganizationsSM (LPO) training program and Women’s Leadership Institute (WLI)  seek to ensure the training and development of current and future police leaders includes a robust discussion of ethics.  Lessons in both LPO and WLI are devoted to the science and application of ethics in policing.  Areas of study include noble cause corruption, becoming a first class “notice” of ethical transgressions, identifying signs of ethical collapse, and identifying leader strategies for creating and maintaining an ethical organization.  These areas of study are brought together through practical case studies in order to ensure the understanding and application of the leader thought process as it applies to the continuum of ethical decision making. 



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