Law Enforcement Information on COVID-19


Law Enforcement Information on COVID-19


Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) is a respiratory disease first identified in Wuhan, China, in December 2019. It has now been identified in more than 180 countries. This is an emerging and rapidly-evolving situation and new information becomes available daily.

This webpage is dedicated to aiding law enforcement in learning more about COVID-19 and how agencies can prepare. We will post new information as it becomes available. 

Updated July 27, 2020 

IACP COVID-19 Resources 

General & Comprehensive Resources

Organizational Preparedness

Alternatives to Law Enforcement Procedure

Special Population Concerns

Officer Health, Safety & Wellness

CRI-TAC COVID-19 Library of Resources

CRI-TACThis is a compilation of  resources to assist in informing your agency response to COVID-19. This library is designed for reference purposes only with resources shared by the field of law enforcement, for the field of law enforcement. 

Access the Library 

Global Police Response to COVID-19

The emergence of COVID-19 is impacting communities across the globe. In these challenging times, police leaders can learn from one another by understanding how their colleagues from around the world are responding to this pandemic. To learn more about the global policing community’s response to COVID-19, please see below to access our global content. 

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