Identity Crime Toolkit for Police Executives

Identity Crime Toolkit for Police Executives


chiefs_toolkitThe Police Chiefs Toolkit addresses principal/essential items facing law enforcement executives regarding identity crime. The purpose of this toolkit is to help police leaders take the first steps in leading a change in police culture to expand the role of local law enforcement in preventing, investigating, and responding to identity crime.





The toolkit is divided into four sections:

Leadership and Management: to help police executives become leaders of a cultural shift in policing
Officer Training: to help identify what training your officers need and where to get it
Agency Partnerships: to identify the key partners and how to connect with them
Community Outreach: to help you work with communities to reduce victimizations

Each section provides a brief introduction to the concepts covered, and then follows with a short self-assessment tool to help you determine your own agency’s strengths and potential challenges or areas for improvement. Following the assessment tool, you will find additional resources or tools to help improve your agency’s work in this area, and finally, a section with further information for additional research on topics which may be of particular interest.



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