IACP’s Youth Focused Policing Resource Center

IACP’s Youth Focused Policing Resource Center


IACP’s Youth Focused Policing Resource Center

The Youth Focused Policing Resource Center provides law enforcement with information, tools and resources focused on reducing youth delinquency, crime, and victimization, including:

  • A clearinghouse of information and resources relating to youth crime, delinquency and victimization
  • A searchable directory of law enforcement programs and services for youth from across the nation
  • Training and technical assistance available in the areas of juvenile justice, children exposed to violence, and child sex trafficking
  • A searchable resource library, including sample documents from law enforcement programs for youth such as brochures, applications, and program flyers as well as juvenile justice and child protection policies, procedures, and reports
  • Information on IACP’s projects and resources
  • A secure discussion forum for law enforcement officials to share information, obtain resources, and exchange ideas
  • A Youth Program Impact Toolkit for evaluating law enforcement youth program(s), including a customizable evaluation template

To learn more, visit www.iacpyouth.org.

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Youth Focused Policing Agency Self-Assessment

What are your agency strengths in responding to youth crime, delinquency, and victimization? What areas need improvement? Could your agency benefit from implementing a Youth Focused Policing strategy?  Assess your agency’s current state of policy and practice in prevention and response strategies to reduce juvenile offending, reoffending and victimization with the Youth Focused Policing Agency Self-Assessment. This resource aims to assist law enforcement agencies in early identification of trends, resources, and community partnerships that may be helpful in identifying best practice responses to improving the safety and well-being of youth in their communities.

Upon completion, your agency may discover opportunities that can serve as the foundation of an action plan to implement new or enhance existing strategies that improve capacity to respond to youth crime, delinquency, and victimization.

Click here to view the self-assessment resource page.


Threat Assessment Strategies for Schools & Higher Education 

In September 2014, the IACP and the Department of Justice, Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, hosted a webinar that provided an overview of threat assessment and management for K-12 schools and higher education campus settings. Panelists discussed key components for school/campus threat assessment programs and strategies and provided resources for facilitation of threat prevention and intervention..

View the archived webinar and handouts here 

Effective Youth Diversion Strategies for Law Enforcement 

On January 23rd, 2014, the IACP held a webinar intended to educate law enforcement and juvenile justice practitioners on youth diversion programs and strategies. It included a panel composed of a police chief, county prosecutor, and division director of juvenile services, who discussed development of their youth diversion programs, program successes, and challenges faced during implementation. A discussion of lessons learned was included to assist law enforcement agencies who are considering starting or improving a youth diversion program. View the archived webinar and handouts here

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"Online trainings for law enforcement on the IACP Learning Management System. Webinars and training topics include: 
Juvenile Interview and Interrogation Techniques
School Safety
Human Trafficking
Safeguarding Children of Arrested Parents

Click here to see all the courses and register for an account. 

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