IACP Radar/Lidar Testing

IACP Radar/Lidar Testing

Conforming Products List (CPL)

The Conforming Product List (CPL) is a document of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration; United States Department of Transportation that is maintained through a cooperative agreement with the International Association of Chiefs of Police, Enforcement Technology Advisory Technical Subcommittee (ETATS).  The CPL informs which speed measuring devices are eligible for purchase using Federal highway safety grant funds, based on the device having been subjected to, and meeting or exceeding the technical specifications for Radar and Lidar devices maintained by NHTSA.

Speed measuring device models that appear on the CPL have been tested and found to be in compliance with the established performance specifications that were in effect when the model was first placed on the CPL.

IACP recommends that law-enforcement agencies use this CPL as one of its criteria when purchasing enforcement-technology equipment. It is important to note that these agencies must also be aware of any applicable federal, state and local requirements since these requirements are outside the scope of NHTSA performance specifications.

Combined Radar and Lidar Conforming Product List 

Speed Measuring Devices Minimum Performance Specifications

The Across-The-Road Radar, Down-The-Road Radar, and Lidar minimum performance specifications are published by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. These performance specifications are intended to ensure that the devices are accurate and reliable when properly operated and maintained.

Across-The-Road Radar Module
Down-The-Road Radar Module
Lidar Module


As of October 1, 2015, IACP will no longer oversee the speed measurement device testing program.  However, to maintain listing on the CPL manufacturers are still required to submit devices for testing.  Manufacturers or agencies seeking testing or certification of their devices should contact an independent testing facility equipped to provide services in accordance with the NHTSA Performance Specifications (above).  Click the link below for contact information for testing facilities that have agreed to provide testing under this program.

Enforcement Technology Testing Facilities

Institute of Police Technology and Management
Jacksonville, Florida

San Diego State University
San Diego, California

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