Pretrial Justice Initiative

Pretrial Justice Initiative

The inconsistency of policy and guidelines for pretrial release can create volatile public safety challenges for law enforcement and communities. With these challenges in mind, more law enforcement agencies are engaging in innovative pre-arrest, pre-booking, and pretrial justice system programs that provide pathways to treatment and services for eligible individuals, account for the safety of crime victims, and build stronger relationships between law enforcement and communities.

New Tools and Resources

courseNew online courses to help law enforcement officers and leaders to support safe, smart pretrial decisions - Pretrial Justice and Law Enforcement: What Chiefs Need to Know and What Officers Need to Know  are important new tools to help law enforcement learn more about the complexities of the pretrial justice system and explore risk-based solutions and pretrial partnerships that maximize public safety and support strong community-police relationships.


coverPartnerships in Pretrial Justice: A Law Enforcement Leader's Guide to Understanding and Engaging in Meaningful Front-End Justice System Change - As more states and local communities discuss and implement pretrial justice system changes, it is critical for law enforcement to have a voice in these conversations to ensure that policies and procedures are fair, efficient, and keep officers and communities safe. The new publication includes talking points for law enforcement, resource links, and information about evidence-based pretrial strategies, including risk assessment, citation in lieu of arrest, diversion, and enhanced pretrial release monitoring. 


Other Resources


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