21st Century Policing Blueprint

21st Century Policing Blueprint

Welcome to the 21st Century Policing Blueprint, an interactive online portal to explore strategies and connect with resources to help with implementation. The IACP defines 21st Century Policing strategies as best practices designed to help agencies promote effective crime reduction while building public trust and safeguarding officer well-being.

These strategies are organized as internal, meaning the strategy may affect agency culture, policy, administrative process, or training; or external, including things like transparency, community engagement, and interactions with various populations. Some strategies appear in both; all include a link to the original citation(s) in the Final Report of the Task Force on 21st Century Policing.

Most strategies include links to publications, news stories, agency examples, and related research resources to aid in implementation. We will continue to update these resources. If you have a resource suggestion, please email icpr@theiacp.org.

For more information about evidence-based 21st century policing strategies, review the evidence assessment report produced by IACP and the George Mason University Center for Evidence-based Crime Policy with funding from the Laura and John Arnold Foundation.

Tools and Publications

An Evidence Assessment of the President's Task Force on 21st Century Policing Recommendations

With assistance from the Laura and John Arnold Foundation, the IACP partnered with the George Mason University Center for Evidence-Based Crime Policy to create an evidence assessment of the Task Force report recommendations. This assessment identifies Task Force recommendations and action items that are proven effective by evidence-based research. By prioritizing actions validated by research and highlighting implementations steps gleaned from that research, this work can serve as a guide for agencies seeking an evidence-based approach to 21st century policing.

Starting with What Works: Using Evidence-Based Strategies to Improve Community-Police Relations

For many agencies looking to begin implementation of 21st Century Task Force recommendations, the obvious question is “where do we start?” This brochure features highlights from the Evidence Assessment of the President's Task Force on 21st Century Policing Recommendations to allow law enforcement leaders to start with what works by outlining the recommendations with the strongest evidence to support their effectiveness.

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