Statement From IACP President Steven R. Casstevens


Statement From IACP President Steven R. Casstevens

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Statement From IACP President Steven R. Casstevens 

I am gravely concerned about the ongoing events in Minnesota and around the United States. Communities are angry, frustrated, and heartbroken. The men and women of the policing profession share these emotions. The video of Mr. Floyd’s death is shocking, deeply disturbing, and painful for us all to watch.

Any death is a tragedy, and situations like this can provoke strong reactions; however, violence and destruction is never the answer. The IACP joins with those, including Mr. Floyd’s family, who have called for peaceful protests.

As the investigation into the death of Mr. Floyd continues, and hopefully swiftly concludes, it is critical that we work together to promote understanding, build effective community-police partnerships, and prevent future incidents like this. 

The IACP and the policing profession are focused on building trust within our communities through transparency, the principles of procedural justice, and holding ourselves and our officers accountable for their actions.   

As President of the IACP, I can unequivocally state that any officer who violates their oath of office has no place in our agencies. They betray their fellow officers and tarnish the reputation of a profession that is dedicated to protecting the public and preserving the sanctity of life.

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