Sponsored Content: The Mission-Critical Ecosystem

Sponsored Content: The Mission-Critical Ecosystem

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Law enforcement technology that enables safety, service and trust for all

If safety, service and trust are the building blocks of successful law enforcement, at Motorola Solutions our integrated technologies, unified on a common platform, are designed to be the foundation that supports them. Through our solutions, we strive to help support the relationship between the police and the public, so that your communities benefit from a strong and trustworthy partnership.

The law enforcement landscape
Public safety organizations face a demanding, increasingly complex environment. This situation is compounded by operations that produce large amounts of data, often stored in multiple incompatible systems. When vital information is siloed, insights can’t be quickly shared, workflow efficiency suffers, and responders have less time to focus on what matters.

Leveraging cutting-edge innovations, Motorola Solutions’ mission-critical ecosystem enables our public safety partners to conquer their challenges, streamlining time-consuming and expensive processes to improve productivity. Trusted by global public safety agencies, this integrated ecosystem enhances incident awareness and shares intelligence between the command center and responders in the field. From call to case closure, safety is prioritized.

Backed by over 95 years of research and development and created in collaboration with those who serve, our mission-critical, end-to-end ecosystem combines the essential technologies required to empower agencies and officers to secure the safety of their communities.

The Goal: Ubiquitous Information Access
Creating access to information is the first step in building trust and cooperation. It makes officers more aware of events in the field, helping them create safer and more just outcomes for everyone. It makes the public more aware of what’s happening in their communities, how you’re responding to events and the reasons behind your decisions.

The Goal: Simplified Workflows
The future of police work hinges on how technology and human judgment can be brought together and applied to foundational law enforcement tasks. Rather than looking at one-off solutions that may put a band aid on a single problem, agencies need to look holistically across the entire workflow to increase the efficiency of investigations. Ideally, what’s needed is a process and platform that tracks the evidence from data collection to the courtroom.

The Goal: Protecting Officer Focus
Today, a proliferation of data sources informs all our lives. For first responders, accurate and actionable data can lead to better outcomes–but only if it is delivered in a way that does not compromise focus. Our technology relieves the heavy load on police officers so they have more time and capacity to protect and engage with the community. Intuitive devices give responders eyes-up awareness, so they can zero in on what matters and deliver safer outcomes for everyone.

Leveraging the Power of Connection
Individually, our solutions solve frontline challenges. Together, they’re exponentially more effective, reshaping situational awareness and delivering new levels of safety and productivity. Encompassing communications, software and video solutions, each element of our ecosystem integrates with the next. Our platform enables information to be shared across agencies, among responders and throughout communities–giving them the tools to create safety together.

Connected Officer
From reacting and responding to predicting and preventing, AI-enabled devices and systems - including body cameras, drones and in-car video systems - establish trust and prioritize safety. This allows officers to stream video, access information and collaborate both internally and across agencies in real-time. Your team is in-touch, informed and in control.

Connected Car
Designed to simplify operations and enhance safety for officers on patrol, our technology brings the intelligence of the control room to your police vehicle. Joining critical voice technology, software applications and video systems in one workflow, it transforms the way law enforcement personnel connect, collaborate and capture evidence on-the-move.

Connected Community
Better community engagement is possible with a suite of applications that elevate transparency and trust. Enabling residents to share information, report incidents and request support from the police, both businesses and citizens are empowered, and cases - strengthened by rich, relevant data - are processed more quickly.

Connected Agency
Agency collaboration is improved and awareness is heightened under one secure and scalable workflow. The seamless interoperability of our solutions - including Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD), integrated fixed-video security and real-time situational awareness software, informed decisions are made faster.

A better-informed, better connected officer is the foundation of public trust. From the first moments of an incident, through the clearing of the call, to the closure of the case, our integrated ecosystem delivers more insight, more situational awareness, and more confidence that the split-second decisions you make are the right ones. We invite you to learn more about how our end-to-end integrated public safety ecosystem elevates responder awareness, citizen trust and community safety.

Blog Post


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