New Language & Accessibility Tool Available!

New Language & Accessibility Tool Available!

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The IACP is law enforcement's source for timely, trustworthy information directly supporting the profession. IACP has numerous resources available for the profession in topical areas such as community-police engagement, cybercrime, officer safety and wellness, traffic safety and more. These resources are cataloged primarily on our website. Starting today – IACP's websites will become more user friendly. We support a great community of diverse members from around the globe, who can now use website accessibility tools – for language, visual, auditory, cognitive, and other web-based enhancements. 

The IACP has launced the Recite Me tool on IACP websites. With the click of a button, the toolbar allows users a responsive accessibility solution. The toolbar provides a text-to-speech functionality, features for different web styles, reading support, language translation of more than 100 languages including the ability to customize 35 text-to-speech voices and several other features to enhance online accessibility. 

Numerous online users face challenges or barriers, preventing them from taking full advantage of available information others can easily access. Some users experience barriers like:

  • Distractions presented by graphics and image carousels
  • Understanding web copy in users first language without the need to change copy
  • Read text despite font, text size, text spacing, or poor color contrast
  • Language barriers

This new tool will alleviate some barriers by allowing:

  • Read aloud text at varying speeds and in different languages
  • Utilization of a screen mask and ruler for better focus
  • Text conversion into more than 100 languages
  • Downloadable content as an audio file as an alternative to reading
  • Personalization of font size, type, and color for easy reading
  • Access to text to speak functions in 35 different languages
  • User to switch to text only to strip away graphics and page clutter

Access the user guide to learn more about the features offered and how they work.

Recite Me Toolbar

Visit to view and explore this tool.


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