IACP Recognizes Human Rights Day


IACP Recognizes Human Rights Day

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Today, December 10, marks human rights day across the globe. While many of us will be joining in on the discussion on the importance of human rights today, this is something that we, at the International Association of Chiefs of Police, are committed to throughout the year.

As law enforcement leaders it is our duty to ensure the safety of the citizens we are sworn to protect. That includes the prevention of human rights abuses. We are focused on strengthening law enforcement officer response to violence against women, and enhancing the ability of communities to respond to victims. We have developed tools and policies to assist law enforcement in responding effectively to human trafficking, sexual assault, domestic violence by police officers and domestic violence and all other crimes against women.

The mission of police agencies should also encompass the protection of individual rights along with the enforcement of laws and the maintenance of public safety. On that note, we have put together a guide for executives to assess and enhance their own agencies' standing with regard to guaranteeing and promoting civil rights.

Lastly, just because you are an inmate doesn’t mean you should be denied human rights. Sexual abuse in confinement is a human rights issue, and one we will not tolerate.

These examples only scratch the surface on all we do at the IACP and as law enforcement leaders to preserve and promote human rights around the globe. The protection of human rights for all people will continue to remain a priority for us every day of the year.
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