IACP Announces Targeted Violence Task Force


IACP Announces Targeted Violence Task Force

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In the wake of the recent mass shooting attacks in the United States, the IACP will establish a Targeted Violence Task Force to examine what factors drive individuals to commit acts of violence and steps that can be taken to prevent them and reduce both their severity and frequency. The task force will conduct a series of hearings at several locations throughout the United States. At those hearings, subject matter experts ranging from the police, the medical community, private sector and business, and the academic community will offer input on a variety of issues related to targeted violent attacks to include: 

1. Pathway to Violence and Warning Signs 

2. Preventing Future Attacks 

3. Target Hardening 

4. Harm Reduction/Mitigation 

At the conclusion of this work, the IACP will produce a comprehensive report highlighting the views, recommendations and strategies that elected officials and public safety agencies can adopt to better protect communities worldwide.

Blog Post


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