Educate Your Communities About Credit Card Theft and Data Breaches


Educate Your Communities About Credit Card Theft and Data Breaches

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The FBI has warned U.S. retailers to prepare for more cyber-attacks in the coming year. Considering the prevalence of these breaches, local law enforcement officials can expect questions during their community meetings.

To help law enforcement officials educate their communities about credit card theft, the IACP has prepared talking points to be used during speaking engagements to highlight certain precautions that should be taken.

Talking Points

•Don't give your credit card account number out over the phone without knowing why.

•Don't use your credit card on an unsecured website.

•Don't put your credit card account number on the outside of an envelope or on a postcard.

•Don't post confidential information on social networking sites.

•Don't sign a blank charge slip.

•Check your monthly statement.

•Cut up old credit cards through the account number.

•Protect your credit card and pin numbers at ATMs or when using the telephone.

•Carry as few credit cards as possible.

Credit Monitoring

It is recommended that you monitor your bank account statements and your credit report. By monitoring your credit and bank transactions frequently, you can help prevent identity theft and inaccurate information from appearing on your credit report.

Some retailers are proactively addressing the protection of their consumers that have experienced a breach by offering free credit monitoring services for everyone impacted. If you experienced a data breach at a retailer, visit the company’s website to see if they are offering a monitoring service.

In addition, a group of nationally recognized, respected cybersecurity organizations in cybersecurity and consumer protection are preparing to launch a campaign to educate consumers about cybersecurity and the dangers of phishing scams.

IACP Resources

For resources on identity theft available the IACP, visit:
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